New Ticketing System

Google 2-Step Verification*

2-step Enrollment Process
  1. Log into Gmail on a PC/Mac/Chromebook.
  2. In Gmail, Click on the FGSD logo on the top right next to your picture icon:
  3. Click on the "Manage your Google Account" button
  4. Click on Security on the left menu
  5. Scroll down to 2-Step Verification and click on it.
  6. Follow steps to enable 2-step with your phone number and complete it.
    - You may have to enter your password again if it asks.
    - You may have your phone already listed as an option (if you have gmail already set up on the phone). You'll just need to continue to add your phone's number as a backup to send codes to.
    - When it sends a test code (G-nnnnnn) make sure to just verify by typing in the numbers (omit the G- part).

OPTIONAL STEPS (highly recommended for users with weak cell coverage within buildings)

To add phone as Google Prompt (much easier than using text codes that you manually have to type in)
  1. On the user's phone, have them download/install the Google app if they don't already have it.
  2. If on Android: have user add their FGSD account as a GMAIL account to the phone's Account settings (in phone's settings app) (if they've already set up the account on the phone previous to enabling 2-step, they'll need to remove the account from the phone, then re-add it).
    If on iOS: have user add their FGSD account to the Google app
  3. Go back to 2-step verification on the computer and enable steps to add phone as Google Prompt device.


My user lost their phone and is locked out of their account(FOR ADMINS ONLY)

Instruct your user to use one of their backup codes to sign in.
Backup codes are provided on their Sign-in verification page when they enroll in 2-Step Verification. These act as backup one-time passwords for use in case they lose their phone. We strongly suggest users to print or write down these codes and store them securely.
If your user has lost their phone and doesn't have their backup code, you can obtain a backup code for them via:

Admin console > Users > (select user) > Security > Show backup verification codes
My user didn't enroll in 2-Step Verification and is locked out of their account (FOR ADMINS ONLY)

Generate Backup code:
  1. Login to Google Apps admin console at “”.
  2. Open the user profile/ account from Dashboard > Users > Jojo Varghese
  3. Scroll down the user Profile/ account page and select “Show more”
  4. Scroll down slightly again and select “Security”
  5. In security tab you will see the 2-step verification for the user account.
  6. Select “show backup verification codes” and select “Generate new codes”.
  7. Now share only one code with the user so the user can use code to login the account and turn on 2-step authentication.

Login Steps for User:
  1. Login to the Google Apps mail account at “”
  2. Once you entered correct username and password, user can select the option to enter backup code.
  3. Enter the backup code we generated above/ or shared by the admin.
  4. After successful login user needs to immediately configure 2-step verification: Configure 2-step verification.
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