Checking for and Installing Mac OS System Upgrades (High Sierra)

  1. Open the APP STORE application:
  2. Click on the UPGRADES button from the top menu bar:
  3. A large banner of MACOS HIGH SIERRA should be at the top of the page with a button on the right titled FREE UPGRADE. Click on the FREE UPGRADE button:
  4. The download and install process will start and give a countdown to completion timer similar to, but not exactly the same as the one pictured:
  5. When the download has completed and the install is starting click on the CONTINUE button in the new window:

  6. Click on the AGREE button when you have previewed the SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT to your satisfaction:

  7. Confirm your selection once more by clicking on the AGREE button from the new pop up window:

  8. When you are ready to start the install process click on the INSTALL button:
  9. Sign in with your password in the new pop up window:
  10. The window will start a countdown timer and allow you to force the restart by clicking the RESTART button:
  11. If you have not closed all of your applications before starting this process you will get a prompt that will do it for you. Click on the CLOSE OTHER APPLICATIONS BUTTON:
  12. The computer should go black and come back up with a window shown below:
  13. Once the install process has started a new window will come up show below, your time will vary:
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