How to Connect to the VPN

Description: Follow these steps to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN application and connect to access internal resources while outside of the district.

You'll install the app one time, then you can just Start the connection any time you need to connect to the FGSD network (Please skip to the "To Start a VPN Connection" section if you already have the Cisco AnyConnect VPN app installed).

Please download the appropriate AnyConnect software installer for your system and run the installer using the instructions below:

If you're on Mac you'll see the following when you run the installer:

  1. Open the file you downloaded. Select "Open with DiskImgaeMounter (default) and click OK

  2. A window will open with the "VPN.PKG" file...double-click on the file
  3. A new window will open. If you see a certificate message, click "Continue"

  4. Click "Continue" on the next screen
  5. Click "Continue" on the user license agreement screen
  6. Click "Agree" on the next screen
  7. Click "Install" on the next screen
  8. Enter your password if prompted, then click "Install Software"
  9. Click "Close" on the installation completed prompt
  10. Click "Keep" on the next prompt
  11. Go to the Launchpad in the dock or Applications folder in Finder
  12. Locate and open the "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" app
  13. Type in "" in the white text box of the app window

  14. Click the "Connect" button
  15. Select "FGSD" in the Group field in the window that appears

  16. Enter your username and password and then click "OK" or hit return/enter
  17. The VPN connection should then complete...this is the correct status window with a green check mark

  18. Now you can access the typical internal web sites or services, as if you were in an FGSD building (i.e. Managed Software Center, etc.)
  19. Once you are done with the VPN session, just click the "Disconnect" button
  20. The next time you need to use the VPN session (only needed outside the district), just open the Cisco AnyConnect app that you have already installed and enter your login to connect...just start at step 11 after launching the Cisco AnyConnect app.

If you're on windows you'll see the following when you run the installer:

  1. Open the file you downloaded. Click on "I accept the terms of the License Agreement"

  2. Click on Install

  3. Click on the Finish button.

To Start a VPN connection (Mac):

  1. Click on the maginfying glass at the top right of the mac
  2. Type in Anyconnect
  3. You can click on "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" (highlighted above) to open it
    Pro Tip: Click and drag it to the taskbar at the bottom. This makes it permanently visible making it easier to access.
  4. Once you open the app, you'll see this window. The first time you start the app, the field next to the connect button will be blank (for subsequent connections, it should be filled in).
    Please enter in that field and click on the Connect button.
  5. You'll see another window pop up. Please make sure you select FGSD from the dropdown list, and the username/password fields should be the same as what you'd use for your Google account. Then click on OK.
  6. If all is well, it should connect. To disconnect from the VPN, please open the app back up and select the Disconnect button.

To Start a VPN connection (Windows):

  1. Click on the Start Button and open the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (if it was just installed it'll be at the top of the list under the Recently Added section):

    TIP: Right click on the app on the Start Menu and select Pin to Start for easier access in the future.

  2. When the AnyConnect application starts, the first time you'll need to enter (it'll remember subsequent times you open the app).
  3. Press Connect.
  4. For the Group section, select FGSD from the dropdown list.
  5. In the Username field, enter your district username (without the
  6. In the Password field, enter your district password.
  7. Click on the OK button. This connects you to the VPN and you are now on the FGSD network.
    For better security and to conserve our network resources, we ask you disconnect from the VPN when you are not actively using it.
  8. To disconnect from the VPN, start the app (Step 1), and click on the disconnect button.
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