How to Connect to the VPN

Description: Follow these steps to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN application and connect to access internal resources while outside of the district. (Skip to step 23 if you already have the Cisco AnyConnect VPN app installed).

1) Go to the following web site:
2) Select "FGSD" from the GROUP drop-down menu
3) Enter your username (base username, not full email address)
4) Enter your password (same password you use to log into gmail or your computer)
5) Click "Login" or hit enter/return
6) The following page should appear:

7) Click on the "Mac OS X 10.6+ (Intel)" link
8) Select "Open with DiskImgaeMounter (default) and click OK

9) A window will open with the "VPN.PKG" file...double-click on the file
10) A new window will open. If you see a certificate message, click "Continue"

11) Click "Continue" on the next screen
12) Click "Continue" on the user license agreement screen
13) Click "Agree" on the next screen
14) Click "Install" on the next screen
15) Enter your password if prompted, then click "Install Software"
16) Click "Close" on the installation completed prompt
17) Click "Keep" on the next prompt
18) You can close the original browser window
19) Go to the Launchpad in the dock or Applications folder in Finder
20) Locate and open the "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" app
21) Type in "" in the white text box of the app window

22) Click the "Connect" button
23) Select "FGSD" in the Group field in the window that appears

24) Enter your username and password and then click "OK" or hit return/enter
25) The VPN connection should then complete...this is the correct status window with a green check mark

26) Now you can access the typical internal web sites or services, as if you were in an FGSD building (i.e. Managed Software Center)
27) Once you are done with the VPN session, just click the "Disconnect" button
28) The next time you need to use the VPN session (only needed outside the district), just open the Cisco AnyConnect app that you have already installed and enter your login to connect...just start at step 23 after launching the Cisco AnyConnect app.
Creation date: 6/25/2018 12:51 PM (epinon)      Updated: 6/25/2018 10:04 AM (epinon)