New Ticketing System

Add an email address to Konica bizhub 754 & 454 copier*

See this link for a video tutorial (No Audio):

Below are the instructions to accompany the video:
1. Press menu
2. Select Utility
3. Select One Touch/User Box Registration
3. Select One Touch Destination
4. Select Address Book (Public)
5. Select Email
6. Select New down at the bottom
7. Select Name and type the person's name, then hit OK to get back to the previous screen
•7a. If you want it alphabetized by last name, be sure to write the last name first. Ex: Smith, Jane
•7b. To add to Favorites, select Index and then select Favorites, then click OK.
8. Press the down arrow to get to page two where it says Email Address
9. Select Email Address
10. Type the email address (use shift key to find the @ symbol) and press OK
11. Select the close button until you get back to the main screen.

Access email in scanner mode:
1. Press menu
2. Select Scan/Fax
3. Select the series of letters that coincide with the name you typed in. EX: for Smith, Jane, select PQRS; for Jane Smith, select JKL
4. The email should appear there and you can select it and complete the scan.
Creation date: 5/15/2018 9:37 AM      Updated: 8/3/2023 8:34 AM