Setup Staff iPad*

  1. Power on device

  2. Select English

  3. Select United States

  4. Select FGSD-PUBLIC wifi

  5. Select Enable Location Services

  6. Select NEXT in the top right corner

  7. Type in District USERNAME and PASSWORD

  8. Select NEXT in the top right corner

  9. Select GET STARTED

  10. Wait for the automatically installed applications to completely finish before moving on

  11. Select SETTINGS app

  12. Select WIFI

  13. Select "i" icon to the right of FGSD-PUBLIC


  15. Select FORGET

  16. FGSD-MIRROR should automatically be connected

  17. The staff member will need to enter their Apple ID when using the App Store or iTunes Store.

  18. Done

Note:Staff should use their district Apple ID when purchasing apps for which the district has paid, and they should use their personal Apple ID when purchasing apps with their personal funds.
Creation date: 7/9/2018 9:49 AM      Updated: 8/3/2023 3:08 PM