How to install iOS applications (JAMF)

  1. Click on the application titled SELF SERVICE (This is the new CATALOG application)

  2. If done correctly you should see the application open to this loading page. (If the application gets stuck on this screen, double click on the home button, swipe the application UP to close it, reopen the app and it should work properly)

  3. Scroll through the application to find the application you would like to install (ex. Shadow Puppet Edu shown in the image) and click INSTALL

  4. The INSTALL button will change to a spinning blue circle leading you know the command has been sent and the application is installing **(this process is not always instantaneous and could take up to 24 hours to complete the installation)**

  5. Once the application has finished installing the INSTALL button will change to REINSTALL

  6. You can also verify that the application is showing on the home screen. You might need to swipe left or right based on where the application is located on the home screen

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