Readerboard operation with XMPlayer

* Once Installation CD has been downloaded from the Google Drive onto your Win10 machine, find the XMPLAYER-Express 2014 File Folder.  -->

1.  Open the XM Player folder, locate the setup.exe file

2. Right-Click the Setup file and click Run as Administrator

3. The install prompt will open.  Click INSTALL

4. Once the installation is complete click OK.  The install prompt will close

*Now click on the XM Player Player-Express 2014 icon on your desktop

5. The program will launch.  (here is a video for CREATING a PROJECT)

6.  The most helpful in creating a project is following this manual :  (You can download the manual in PDF format)

***I have also attached the Manual here in this KB article.

Once you have created your project, you will want to check the readerboard in order to make adjustments and scale the image you are trying to display so it appears centered and to your liking.


We have found the settings to Dim the display -

1. Sync button
2. Setup
3. Screen options
4. You can then use the slider to +/- the brightness of the board manually. (45% seems good)

The On/Off option is NOT able to be set to a specific time.

SLIDE SCHEDULES (this is how you can adjust the projects)  *refer to slide scheduling in the Manual provided on your desktop

1.  When you have your Project open, select the 1st slide
2.  Now Click on the SETUP icon directly above the slide (the slides will be in a line across the bottom)
3.  Here you will see the options available.  (effective by date/time)
4.  A good time we found for the slides to be active is from 7AM-6PM
5.  Each individual slide in that project will need to be modified this way.

If you have any questions please refer to your manual :)

Thank you for working with us on this new Readerboard.
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