How to make a page on the Overhead Speakers*

  1. Pick up the handset of the phone
  2. Dial the overhead paging extension for your school (XXXX)
    (See the linked document at the bottom of the page for which extension to use)
  3. Once you hear the back to back tones dial "0 0 #" (The 00# is an "all-call" to all speakers in the building)
  4. You will hear a bell sound, at which point you will be live over the speaker system
  5. Speak your message slowly and clearly
  6. Once your message is complete press the END CALL button to hang up (this will eliminate the possible loud noises from physically hanging up the handset)
**If you are not familiar with the paging extension for your school please call the technology department at x4529**

Creation date: 1/23/2019 1:46 PM      Updated: 11/30/2023 4:04 PM