New Ticketing System

How to make an audio page to the Cisco Desk Phone Speakers*

Follow these steps to perform a building wide page to all the Cisco desk phones in the building. This feature uses the built-in speaker on all the Cisco desk phones, instead of the page going to the overhead speakers. The audio page connects automatically to all the phones, so nobody has to answer the phone, the audio message just immediately starts playing over the phone speaker.

  1. Press the GLOBE button labeled SERVICES on your phone
  2. Using the up and down arrows, move the selector down to XX-LiveAudio and press the SELECT button (Replace the XX with your schools two letter code ex. CO-LiveAudio)
  3. You will see a Audio-Live Sent message on the phone
  4. Pick up the handset or press the SPEAKER button to start the LIVE announcement
  5. Once you are finished hang up the handset or press the SPEAKER button again to hang up
  6. You will now see an Audio-Live Sent message on the phone.
  7. Press Exit to return to the main screen
-For visual assistance and instruction please reference the following video:
Creation date: 2/14/2019 4:09 PM      Updated: 11/30/2023 3:59 PM