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uBlock Pop-Up blocker warning page*

Symptom: Occasionally you'll see uBlock Origin (our pop-up blocker) come up with a warning page that looks similar to this:

Reason: The site link you clicked on is trying to redirect you. This is the vector some malicious sites use to steal your information (pretending to be sa site they're not). It's also commonly used in newsletters and bulletins. So this warning is just that, a warning checking in with you to look at the link (and how you got this link) more closely.

Solution: There are 3 buttons on this page.
  1. One is to Close this window. This is what you'd choose if you don't trust the site/link.


  2. The other two options near the bottom are to Temporarily allow this redirection, or Permanently allow it. If you deem the link came from a trusted sender or a legitimate site you can use these two options to continue to the site. It's safest to Temporarily allow it, but if it's a site you visit regularly, you can click on permanently allow, and it will remember this setting for you.
If you have any questions about these pop-up warnings or the legitimacy of links you receive, please feel free to call the helpdesk line at ext 4529. If you click on a link and after the warning page it asks you to log in or enter any information, you should check in with the helpdesk BEFORE you enter any personal information (like usernames or passwords) into any fields.
Creation date: 8/16/2019 1:19 PM      Updated: 12/14/2023 8:55 AM
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