Remove old contact from showing up in Gmail/Drive

The email system remembers contacts because they have corresponded with you in the past. It unfortunately doesn't track name/personnel changes, so occasionally you have have a stale contact in popping up. Here's how to remove them from your list (this doesn't affect anyone other than your own account).

First go to your Google Contacts page and find the entry you wish to remove:

It's also possible that they're saved as an indirect contact (the person emailed you in the past, but you didn't explicitly save them as a contact), in which case they would show up in your 'Other contacts' list:

Using the search bar (arrow 1 below) you should find any trace of the contact regardless of which contact folder they're listed in.

Simply click on the the triple button option for that contact you wish to remove and select Delete (arrow 2 and 3).
Creation date: 1/17/2020 2:53 PM      Updated: 1/17/2020 2:55 PM
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