Transcribe voicemail recording with Dragon software

1. Start at your inbox. Your voicemail link will always be found in an email with a Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System subject line. Click on the link found in this message.
2. You will arrive at the Cisco Unity sign in page. Sign in using your district username (without email ending) and password.

3. You will arrive at your virtual mailbox. Select the voice message by clicking it. You can click play to hear it if you need to confirm it is the correct one.
Once clicked, you will see a file name appear of message.wav below the message. Right click this and choose Save link as.
4. You will be prompted to save the file as VoiceMessage.wav into your Downloads folder. Select Save

4. Run the batch file to resample the voice message. Do this by double clicking the icon with two gears labeled Resample. A black screen will open and run.  It closes when it is finished.

This created an audio file for you recording in the correct format for the program. It has been saved in your voicemails folder on your desktop with the date and time.

5. Now, run Dragon by double-clicking the icon. It will force you to choose a profile, if the file is in Spanish choose the profile set up for spanish, it it is in english choose the english profile*. 
    Dragon will try to find a microphone source and if it does not find one, will ask you to insert one or cancel. You can say cancel, the dragon toolbar will still open.
*(if these are not set up, they can be set up whenever you open the app. They must be set up before dragon will allow you to transcribe.) 

5. You should now see the dragon toolbar appear at the top of your desktop. Select the Tools menu, it will expand. Select Transcribe Recording.

6. The transcribe recording window will open. Choose the correct (spanish or english) profile. 
    For the Input audio file field, click Browse. You will be automatically directed to the Voicemails folder on your desktop, if not navigate there. 
    Select the file with the correct date and time and select open. 
    The output fields will automatically be filled. Select Transcribe.

7. The program will run and create a word file and a dragon (.rtf) file of your transcription, you can open either one. 
    Double click on your Voicemails desktop folder and select the file.

8. When you have finished you can close the dragon toolbar if desired by selecting DragonBar, Exit Dragon.

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