Chromebook Login

Connecting to Wifi

  1. Follow the instructions in this article provided right from Google:

First time login
  1. Power on the chromebook using the designated Power Button on the keyboard. The symbol on the key should look something similar to this:
  2. Once the chromebook has powered on, you will see a screen asking for your district email address. Click inside the box and type in the user name of the person logging in (example: 00test11) and click the NEXT button:
  3. Type in the password for the user that you are signing in with and click the NEXT button:

If you have already logged into the device 

  1. Click on the logo of the person that is logged in and you will see  the ability to sign in using the password:

If you would like to add an additional user

  1. Click on the Add Person button in the lower left hand corner:
  2. Please see the top of this documentation to follow the steps to login with the username and password

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