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Schoology End of Year-Export Resources

Save your Course Materials to Resources

As a course comes to an end, you can save the materials you've created to your Resources. This enables you to copy your materials to future courses or share them with other educators.

Save an entire course to Resources

If you wish to reuse all the materials you've created for the course, use the Save Course to Resources option.

To save an entire course's materials to your Resources:

  1. Navigate to the Materials page of the course you'd like to save to Resources.
  2. Click Options at the top.
  3. Select Save Course to Resources from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Resource Collection in which you'd like to house your course content. If you haven't created a collection, you can add the course to your Home collection.
  5. Optional: Select a folder within the collection to which you'd like to save your course material. 
  6. The Save as field indicates that your course materials will be saved in a new folder within the selected destination in your Resources. Within that folder, the materials remain organized in the same structure that was used in the course.
  7. Click Submit to complete.

Exporting Resources

  1. Save the course materials to Resources following the steps above.
  2. Click Resources in the top menu.
  3. Select Personal from the left menu of the Resources area.
  4. Click the down arrow in the left column of your personal resources.
  5. Select Export to export a Schoology Resource Collection as a Common Cartridge file:

Note: The Common Cartridge file version that is exported (v1.2) does not support the following content:
  • Media Albums
  • Matching questions with more than one blank
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions with more than one blank
  • Ordering questions

For technical specifications of this limitation, visit the IMS Global Common Cartridge website.

Creation date: 6/10/2020 5:01 PM      Updated: 6/10/2020 5:01 PM