Staff MacBook Setup Instructions 2020-21

  1. Plug in an ethernet adapter to the computer

  2. Power on the device

  3. In the top right hand corner a RED DOT (🔴)  will show up to the left of the clock

  4. Once the RED DOT (🔴) goes away please sign into the device using your district USERNAME (NOT EMAIL) and PASSWORD 

  5. If a new prompt shows up about signing in, DO NOT sign in, click the BYPASS BUTTON

  6. Click on the FINDER ICON (Blue and White Smiley Face) in the bottom left hand corner 

  7. Click on APPLICATIONS in the left column

  8. Open the FGSD SELF SERVICE (Purple Ring around a Black S) application

  9. Once the window opens click on the SCRIPTS menu option on the left

  10. Click the RUN button below the USER ADMIN FIX icon

  11. On the “ ‘JAMF’ wants access to control ‘System Events’ " prompt click OK

  12. If the next prompt shows the your correct username press the OK button

  13. At the PASSWORD prompt please enter your password and click OK

  14. Press OK on the “Current user admin rights…” prompt

  15. Back inside of FGSD SELF SERVICE, click on the UTILITIES option on the left column. 

  16. Press RUN under the JAMF POLICY UPDATE icon (The background should go black and the dock disappear and reappear)

  17. There should be three new icons on the far right hand side of the dock:

    1. The Black Orb with the FGSD text in the middle is the FGSD HELPFUL LINKS. This provides a custom made website that has helpful websites teachers and students access on a regular basis. 

    2. The Purple Circle with the Black S is the FGSD SELF SERVICE application where users can install printers and applications like the Office Suite

    3. The Yellow Circle with the HELP text in the middle is the Tech Help application that will show a prompt with the Tech Departments extension and system information. Please click the icon once so you can see what will pop up. This is purely informative and not something that will cause an issue if accidentally clicked. Once you have a good understanding please click the CLOSE button

  18. Click on the wifi symbol in the top right corner. It should be just to the left of the clock

  19. Click on FGSD-STAFF

  20. Sign in using your Username and Password press the JOIN button

  21. Click on the FINDER ICON (Blue and White Smiley Face) in the bottom left hand corner 

  22. Click on APPLICATIONS in the left column

  23. Open the application titled Google Chrome

  24. On the “Google Chrome is ready to complete your installation” prompt click the START USING CHROME button

  25. In the top right corner click on the ALLOW for both of the NOTIFICATIONS prompts that have come up

  26. On the “Do you want to change…” click on the USE “CHROME” button

  27. On the main starting page click on the blue link for “ALREADY A CHROME USER? SIGN IN”

  28. Sign in using your FULL District email address and password

  29. On the “Link your chrome data…” prompt click on the LINK DATA button

  30. On the “Turn on Sync?” prompt click on the Blue “Yes, I’m In” button

  31. Click on the APPLE SYMBOL in the top left corner

  32. Click the SHUT DOWN option. Please make sure you follow this last step, as without the shutdown you might have issues after taking the computer home. 

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