Zoom Meeting - Can't Sign In

Zoom Help! - "The meeting won't let me sign in!"

Issue: The student clicks the meeting link, receives this message:

Tries to sign in and is rejected. They are prompted to sign in again. The cycle repeats. The student is stuck.

1. Close the current zoom window.
2. Open a new tab in chrome.
3. Go to zoom.us
4. Click "sign in" (upper right)
5. Scroll down and click "Sign in with Google"
6. Return to the meeting link, click it and you will enter the meeting.


1. Open the zoom app sign in with google, try the link again.

The bottom line: you CAN NOT sign-in while entering a meeting, you must always be signed in before entering a meeting.
If you're not able to sign in while entering, you are signed out. Exit this session/instance of zoom and sign in first.

This is appears to be a bug on chromebooks.

Creation date: 9/16/2020 12:45 PM      Updated: 9/16/2020 1:12 PM
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