How-To for ZOOM Recordings to Google Drive and Canvas External Link

How To Save Local Recordings to Google Drive and Share viewable Link by Anyone, on Canvas

1.  Please make sure you know where you have selected to save your LOCAL ZOOM RECORDINGS:

For Example on my Macbook I save them to the DOCUMENTS FOLDER and then a ZOOM FOLDER

2.  You will then  double click on the ZOOM FOLDER to Open it and see the recordings you've saved

3.  Once you have the recording selected, you can DRAG-N-DROP it into your GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER (you may want to CREATE one named ZOOM RECORDINGS 2020 2021)

4.  Click on the NEWLY CREATED ZOOM Recordings folder, once it is open you will see this image:

You will then want to RESIZE your Chrome browser window so you can DRAG-N-DROP your recordings from your local DOCUMENTS/ZOOM Folder on your Macbook Harddrive

5.  Once you have dropped the recording there, it should be saved in your Google Drive (make sure the small window says it is completed the upload on the lower right of the screen).  

6.  Next you will Right-Click or two finger click on the file, this will bring up the menu to SHARE

7.  With the new Window that pops up, BEFORE You COPY LINK, you need to make sure you select "ANYONE WITH LINK CAN VIEW"

8.  Now you're ready to COPY LINK

9.  Now that you have copied the link, please go to your CANVAS.  I do not have a CANVAS set up, just a bare-bones dashboard.  I have seen a few of the teacher created ones with the modules.  I have seen that you need to provide an EXTERNAL LINK in the Modules and that is where this "Anyone With The Link" GOOGLE DRIVE LINK will go.  

That is all you may need to do for providing the link and have it viewable to your students in Canvas.  Some users are able to use Google Drive File Stream.  IF you're having issues with just getting it installed and connected, please make sure your GOOGLE BROWSER is up-to-date, That you are FULLY Logged into the CHROME BROWSER AND ON YOUR FGSD issued ACCOUNT with LINK DATA AND SYNC enabled.

*As we continue to learn about this process please let me know if you find issues with these instructions.  I have found this to be fairly successful but know that updates may change things as we move forward through the school year.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding.

If you need tech assistance, please reach us and provide details of your name and location.  Also a brief description of what you're seeing/need assistance with.

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