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How to Log In to an FGSD IA Macbook**

If you have received/picked up a Macbook from the District Office for use with ZOOM & Google please follow these steps to log in:

1. Select the "fgstaff" account OR type "fgstaff" as the username on the Macbook splash page/front page (ALWAYS USE THIS TO LOG ONTO THE MACBOOK)

2. Input the password OregonK12 (it is case-sensitive)

3. Next, select FGSD-STAFF WiFi (at first it will most likely be on FGSD-Public) on the top of the screen where you see the WiFi symbol near the battery and clock

4. You will be prompted for your FGSD provided Google Login (IA Staff Username and Password)

5. Now that you're on FGSD-STAFF WiFi, please launch Google Chrome Browser by going to the LAUNCHPAD and clicking on the Google Chrome icon

6. Please sign into Google Chrome browser using your FGSD provided IA account (YOUR ACCOUNT FOR CHROME BROWSER)

7. Click on Link Data and Sync if asked to do so

8. Check your Gmail to ensure you're logged in and it is your account

9. Next you will want to find the ZOOM icon in the LAUNCHPAD

10.  Click the ZOOM icon, it may ask to Download/Install.  Please say YES or OK/Proceed

11.  Launch ZOOM and remember to login using "SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE"

12.  Now you can Join a meeting or Start a meeting

13.  If you're using this device from home, just connect the WiFi to your home WiFi network and follow the same login procedures as above

***You DO NOT need to sign in to iCLOUD at all.  Thanks
Creation date: 10/7/2020 11:38 AM      Updated: 10/26/2023 10:13 AM