New Ticketing System

Call Desk Phone Call Forwarding*

Setup Call Forwarding on a Cisco desk phone primary line (line 1):

* Note: these steps will only work for the primary line (1st line) on a Cisco desk phone. If you need another line on the phone forwarded you will need to submit a Help Desk ticket by emailing or calling x4529.

  1. Press the CFwdALL soft key (button at bottom of screen). You will hear 2 confirmation beeps.
  2. You can forward to an internal extension or an external number:
    • Internal Extension - enter the four digit extension
    • Outside Number - Start by pressing the 9 and then enter the phone number you'd like to forward to including the area code. If it is long distance you will need to dial a 1 first. (Example 95035551234 OR 915415551234)

  3. Once you enter in the number the screen will go back to it's normal state and show a telephone with an arrow above it in the top right hand corner and show "Forwarded to" with the number you entered at the bottom of the screen.

Remove Call Forwarding on a Cisco desk phone:
  1. Press the CFwdAll soft key (button at bottom of screen). You will hear 1 confirmation beep.
Creation date: 4/28/2021 12:48 PM      Updated: 11/30/2023 3:55 PM