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macOS Update vs Upgrade

How to Update or Upgrade

Let's talk about how to start a software update or macOS upgrade. You'll begin at the same place, in System Preferences → Software Update: 

There are two sections to this window - on the top, you have a macOS Upgrade Banner, and below, you have "Other updates are available".  To get started:

  • macOS Upgrade: If your organization has thoroughly researched the new operating system and is upgrading all workstations, you'll use the Upgrade Now button inside the banner to begin. 
  • Software Update: If you have received a notification letting you know that a required update is available, click on the More Info button under the banner to bring up your list of updates: 

Click Install Now to begin.

If you're already running the latest major macOS version, or if the latest version has been blocked, you may see a simpler view, with the macOS Upgrade Banner removed:

Click Update Now to begin your software update.

Creation date: 6/22/2021 10:55 AM      Updated: 6/22/2021 10:55 AM