Staff Macbook Setup

JAMF Connect and Account Creation

  1. Power on the Macbook

  2. The technician you are working with will need to sign in to the macbook at the login screen with the user macadmin showing

  3. You will see a screen filled with fir tree branches and a Google Login Page in the center of the screen

  4. Please type in your full district email address ( and hit return, or click Next

  5. Please type in your district account password and hit return, or click Sign In

  6. Please enter your 2 step verification code that you received and hit return

  7. On the Google JAMF Connect Permission screen please press the Allow button

  8. You will see a prompt that says: “Enter a Password to use for your New Local Account,” please enter your district account password password in both fields to confirm that is the password you want to use. 

  9. Click Create Account

New Account Steps (Big Sur Only)

  1. Below are additional instructions that will show if you are using the Big Sur Operating system. If you are not you can skip to Step 11:

    1. On the Accessibility page please click Not Now

    2. On the Data and Privacy page please click Continue

    3. On the Analytics page please click Continue

    4. On the Screen Time page please click the link the lower left corner for Set Up Later

    5. On the Touch ID screen please click the link for Setup up Touch ID Later. Click Continue when the confirmation popup appears

    6. On the Choose your Look screen please choose if you want AUTO, LIGHT, or DARK and then please click Continue

    7. On the True Tone screen click Continue

Staff Wifi

  1. Once the computer has finished setting up your account and is showing the desktop please click the wifi symbol in the top right corner

  2. Select the option for FGSD-Staff

  3. Put in your district USERNAME (ssmith) and PASSWORD click Join

  4. If a pop-up comes up you will want to click on Continue. It is also possible it will ask you to confirm the selection by putting in your password, please do so before moving on.

Self Service

  1. Now that you’re connected to wifi, please open the Finder (Blue smiley face in the bottom left of your screen)

  2. Click on Applications on the left column

  3. Double click on the application titled FGSDSelfService

  4. Once the application is open, please click on the option for Scripts on the left column

  5. Click on Run under the option for Token User Status

  6. If the pop-up prompt comes back and says: “Secure Token status for (your username): TRUE” you can click OK and move on to the next step.

    1. If the prompt says “Secure Token status for  (your username): FALSE”, click OK

    2. Click OK

    3. Click OK

    4. Click OK

    5. Enter in your password and click OK

    6. The technician working with you will need to put in the password for the macadmin user

    7. A new prompt should appear stating: “Secure Token status for (your username): TRUE”. Click OK

  7. The Self Service application you are in is used throughout the year in a few different aspects:

    1. Printing: On the left hand side you’ll see a few different options for schools that end in Printers (Ex. DO Printers, CO Printers, etc.). This is a subcategory of all the NETWORK printers at the school that can be installed by simply clicking INSTALL below the printer you are needing to add

    2. Application Installs: Under the option for Application Installs you’ll see a laundry list of different applications, some familiar and some foreign. These apps can be installed by clicking on the Install button below the application. Please note some of these require a subscription to use, even if it is installed. 

    3. Application Updates: Under the same option for Application Installs you can click on the Install/Reinstall button under an application you need to update, and it will update to the newest available version. 

    4. Please feel free to quit FGSD Self Service

Google Chrome

  1. Please open the Finder (Blue smiley face in the bottom left of your screen)

  2. Click on Applications on the left column

  3. Double click on the application titled Google Chrome

  4. Once Chrome opens please click the link at the bottom of the page titled: “Already a Chrome User? Sign In”

  5. Please login using your district email address and password

  6. After a few second delay a popup will appear, click the button for Link Data

  7. In the next popup, click the button for Yes, I’m In

  8. On the main page, click on the button for Set as Default

  9. A popup will appear, click on the button for Use “Chrome”

Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. Please click on the URL bar at the top of the Chrome Application window or press ⌘ + L

  2. Type in and press return

  3. A popup will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, please press No Thanks

  4. Under the section titled “Share this screen” click on the +Generate Code button

  5. A new popup window will appear click on the center button for Open Accessibility Preferences

  6. In the Accessibility Preferences window click on the padlock in the lower left corner

  7. The technician you are working with will need to sign in to continue with admin credentials

  8. Now that the window is “unlocked” please click on the check box to the left of “RemoteAssistanceHost”

  9. The popup window will come back from before, click Next

  10. Click Open System Preferences in the new popup window

  11. Check the box to the left of “RemoteAssistanceHost”. Please leave this window open and move on to the next step.


  1. Please open the Finder (Blue smiley face in the bottom left of your screen)

  2. Click on Applications on the left column

  3. Double click on the application titled Zoom

  4. Click on the button for Sign In

  5. Click on the Google button

  6. In the new Google Chrome window click on your district google account

  7. In the new Open in prompt please click on the Open button

  8. You will now be signed into the Zoom application

  9. Please click on the Share Screen button

  10. Please click on the Open System Preferences button

  11. You will be routed back to the Security & Privacy screen that we were on before

  12. Click the check box to the left of

  13. Click the button for Quit Now

Filevault and JAMF Connect Login

  1. Please click on the Apple in the top left corner

  2. Click on Restart... to power off and power on the computer

  3. Once the computer restarts please let the technician know that you are ready to go over the Filevault and JAMF Connect login system

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