Add printer to Sub MacBook

Installing and using a printer:
1. Plug the square end of the cable into the matching port on the back of the printer
2. Plug the regular USB end into the computer. If this printer has already been installed, it is ready to use. If not (or if you are unsure and want to check) continue with the following instructions.
4. Open System Preferences, the grey gear icon in the dock.
5. Click Printers & Scanners.

6. If the printer shows up on the left side (the model number should match the model number on the front of the printer), it's already installed.

7. If the printer in question does not appear on the left after plugging in the printer cable, please call IT @ x4529. Someone from IT will need to remote in and complete the install process. Please leave that System Preferences window open when you call.
Creation date: 4/20/2022 12:52 PM      Updated: 4/20/2022 12:52 PM