Microsoft 2-Step Enrollment

NOTE: This only works when you're on the FGSD network (this won't work via VPN).

These are instructions on how to enroll in 2-step authentication for Microsoft (this is mandatory to set up). You may have already done this for Google, but Microsoft requires this for their own authentication, so please continue if you have not already done this for Microsoft.

Please go to this link and log in like you normally would (with your email address and the password associated with that email):

You'll see:

Enter your email address and click on Next.

You'll then see:

Enter your password and click on Sign in.

This prompt means you'll need to set up 2 step verification. Click on Next (if you don't see this screen, please see the text just after this picture in the instructions):

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you DID NOT see that prompt, but rather a prompt asking which phone number to send the code to (or if it's asking for a code/prompt from your phone app), that means that you've either already done this (provided the phone number it's suggesting to text to matches yours), or it could mean someone else did this for you (ie: a hacker) in which case you must call us at ext 4529 (or 503-359-2415) so we can make sure to remove the wrong 2 step authentication and add yours instead. If you have already done this, and you're signed in after it sends you the code and you verify, there's no need to proceed, unless you want to make any changes or add another authentication method.

ALSO NOTE: This multifactor enrollment only works while you're IN DISTRICT (with your device directly on one of our networks). This will not work if you are off-site or connected through a VPN.

The App Method (default):

You'll see this screen:

You actually have 2 options here. A mobile app method (default/preferred method) or a phone number method. They both have their pros and cons.

The app method is great because it doesn't use any data. The easiest to use is Microsoft Authenticator (limited to sites that use Microsoft authentication). I also highly recommend Authy (more multi-purpose, can be used with any site). Google authenticator is another one, but I would avoid it, as codes are tied to your phone (and if you lose your phone, or something resets on it, your codes will be irretrievable). Any ONE authenticator app will do. Please download it ahead of time. NOTE: If you prefer using a different authenticator app, you're welcome to do so (Just click on the link that says "I want to use a different authenticator app" instead. Do NOT do that part if you're using the Microsoft Authenticator app).

The phone method is the easiest to set up (no apps required). This does however use your carrier's texting to send you a code (not a good solution if you have bad reception where you plan on logging in). It's also technically less secure, as hackers can spoof your phone number on their cell phone and redirect texts to their phone.

To continue with the Microsoft Authenticator app setup, please download the 'Microsoft Authenticator' app on your cell phone (do NOT sign into it... just download it). The icon looks like this:
(if the icon doesn't look like that, it's probably a different authenticator app, and won't work for the next steps).

Then click on Next on the computer prompt.

You'll now see this:

Follow the prompts on the screen. You'll basically open up the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone (allow notifications when it prompts you for it), click on the + icon on the top right and select 'Work or school account', and then click on the Scan QR Code option. Click on Next on the computer prompt.

You'll then see this:

You can now scan your QR code with your respective app (the picture of the code above is an example code... it won't work for you. You must scan your own code that is on your computer screen).

Once it's added to your app successfully, you'll click on Next on the computer prompt. You'll now see this screen:

On your phone, click on the Approve option that pops up in the Microsoft Authenticator app:

(if it asks for a code instead, you can click on the entry for your email in Microsoft Authenticator, and type in the numbers you see on your phone).

You'll now see this:

Click on Next.

Now you are done with setting up authentication on your device. It's recommended you add in an additional method to secure your device (this will be required when you need to change your password in the future. To save time later, you can do this ahead of time). To do so simply go back to the link at the beginning of these instructions and add an additional method. Instructions for adding additional methods are here:

The Phone method:

When you see this screen:
Click on the option at the bottom that says "I want to set up a different method".
You'll now see this:

Select Phone from the dropdown:

Then click Confirm

You'll now see this:

Enter your phone number in the field, choose if you would rather get a call or a text from this number, and finally click on Next.

You'll now see this:

Enter the code you receive from your text in the field here and click on Next.

You'll then see this:

Click on Next to complete the process. It's recommended you add in an additional method to secure your device (this will be required when you need to change your password in the future. To save time later, you can do this ahead of time). To do so simply go back to the link at the beginning of these instructions and add an additional method. Instructions for adding additional methods are here:

Microsoft 2FA/MFA FAQ:

  • Why does FGSD have Microsoft accounts?
    • Our core directory service runs on Microsoft software, so when a user account is created it starts as a Microsoft account.

  • My FGSD Google account is really a Microsoft account?
    • No, not exactly. Information from our core Microsoft directory service is used as the source to create a corresponding Google account for all staff.

  • What is my username and password for my FGSD Microsoft account?
    • The username and password for your FGSD Microsoft account is exactly the same as your FGSD Google account.

  • I already set up 2-Step Verification for my FGSD Google account. Do I still need to set up 2-Step Verification for the corresponding Microsoft account?
    • Yes, all staff members need to set up 2-Step verification in both systems, Google and Microsoft, as they are separate systems.

  • When will I use the Microsoft 2-Step service for my account?
    • Depending on the 3rd party software or service used in the district, we may need to leverage the Microsoft 2-Step Verification service instead of the Google service for authentication. Some vendors only support one or the other, so we need to have both ready to use.
    • For almost all staff it will be fairly transparent, as the software or service will simply redirect to the appropriate authenticator (Google or Microsoft) to let you use the software or service.

  • Can I use a hardware key for authentication (Yubikey, FIDO2, etc.)?
    • Yes, but not for the initial multifactor setup process. Use the app or phone methods listed above first (you can even use your desk phone if you prefer but do note that you'll only be able to authenticate when by your desk phone), then you can go to the same link listed above and Add a hardware key and follow those prompts.

  • When do I need to set up 2-Step Verification on my FGSD Microsoft account, and what happens if I don't set it up?
    • Please set up 2-step verification for your FGSD Microsoft account as soon as possible, as any delay could lead to issues accessing FGSD digital resources, or your account may get suspended at some point.

  • Ok, enough blah, blah, blah, how do I set up 2-Step Verification for my FGSD Microsoft Account?
    • Please read through the following Knowledge Base Article that details the steps to follow to set up 2-Step verification on your FGSD Microsoft account, and then at your earliest convenience please follow the steps to get the security feature enabled for your account.

  • Who do I contact if I have problems setting up 2-Step Verification for my FGSD Microsoft account?

For more help, please call us at ext 4529 or 503-359-2415

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