How to view/change your Microsoft Multifactor Authentication information*

NOTE: This only works when you're on the FGSD network (this won't work via VPN).

Go to

Once signed in you'll see this:

If you only see one method (typically the Microsoft Authenticator method), you can (and should) add multiple methods for backup (it will be required in the future to have at least 2 methods, so please add it when you can). Click on Add sign-in method and select whichever alternate method you'd prefer:

Then continue following the prompts on the screen to add whichever method you choose.

Alternatively, you can also remove outdated methods from this screen as well (but please make sure you have at least 2 methods listed, otherwise, the system will force to add authentication methods at some point).

If you need any assistance, please call us at ext 4529 or 503-359-2415

Creation date: 5/18/2022 12:42 PM      Updated: 12/1/2023 1:46 PM
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