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Zoom Call Out feature*

## Zoom Call Out Feature ##

Some staff have indicated that they have families which may have difficulty in connecting to a Zoom meeting for conferences, as these families may lack a computer or phone that supports Zoom, or they may lack the technical skills to dial in to a meeting or use a meeting link.

A Call Out feature has been enabled in Zoom to allow staff to call out to parents/families during conferences for situations described above. Here is some information on the feature and how to use it:
  • How can I call a parent for a conference if they do not have or know how to use Zoom, and I do not want to use my personal cell phone?
    • If you are calling parents from an FGSD building, then you can just call them from your FGSD desk phone. This is just a phone call...remember to dial a 9 before placing an outside phone call from an FGSD desk phone.
    • If you are calling parents while you are outside of an FGSD building, then you can use the "Call Out" feature in Zoom if you do not want to use your personal cell phone (see below for instructions).
  • If I am outside the district and need to call parents using Zoom, what phone number will they see in their Caller ID?
    • The default Caller ID phone number used by Zoom is 646-568-7788, so you could advise your parents ahead of time that you will be calling from that number so that they know to answer the call.
    • This is the default Zoom call out number for Caller ID for all Zoom customers, so it is not unique to FGSD.
  • Is the Call Out feature free, and does it come with a delivery of whole Mediterranean dates?
    • The district has a subscription to the Call Out feature that covers a default level of meeting minutes that is anticipated to cover conferences. This is currently a trial feature, so usage and cost will be reviewed following conferences to see if it is sustainable.
    • The Call Out feature is only intended to be used if parents/families are unable to connect to a Zoom meeting using the link or call-in number in the invitation, and you cannot call them using an FGSD desk phone.
    • Unfortunately, fresh Mediterranean dates do not come with the subscription, but that should not discourage you from venturing out and exploring culinary delights such as couscous with dates and almonds, a lovely pairing with Moroccan chicken. Besseha!
  • Moroccan Chicken with Almond and Date Couscous does sound lovely, but I really want to know how to use the Call Out feature in Zoom.
    • While certainly less interesting and appetizing, please see below for instructions on how to use the Call Out feature in Zoom.

## How To Use the Zoom Meeting Call Out Feature ##

  • Note: The Call Out feature is only intended for calling families when you are unable to call them from an FGSD desk phone, and they are unable to join a Zoom meeting using a meeting link or call-in number.
  1. Open the Zoom App on your computer
  2. Log in to the Zoom app with your FGSD Zoom account (use the Sign In With Google option).
  3. Start a meeting in the Zoom app
  4. Select the arrow next to the "Participants" icon, and select "Invite"
  5. Select the "Call Out" tab in the window that appears
  6. Enter the name of the person you are calling in the "Invitee name" field
  7. Enter the phone number of the person you are calling in the "Phone Number" field
  8. Uncheck the "Require pressing 1...", but leave the "Require Greeting..." checked
  9. Click the "Call" button
  10. The person will be called and they will be prompted with the following:
    1. Caller ID will appear as 646-568-7788 (Zoom Default)
    2. They will hear "Welcome to Zoom" 
    3. They will be prompted to record their name at the beep and then press #
    4. They will then be prompted that the host will let them in to the meeting.
    5. If you have the Waiting Room enabled (which you should), they will appear in the waiting room. Just admit them once you are ready.

Please contact the FGSD Help Desk if you have any questions or issues ( or x4529 or 503-359-2415). Thank you.
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