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How to check your AUDIO OUTPUT on your new MACBOOK M1 Air laptop*

If you're using a newly issued Macbook Air M1 model, you may be also using the J5 docking station in your classroom arrangement.

You possibly are using a projector or TV and sometimes may need to plug in EXTERNAL Speakers or connecting BLUETOOTH Speakers.

IF you notice you need one of those options as the laptop speakers may NOT be powerful enough for your classroom, here is where you can check to see which AUDIO OUTPUT device is currently "ACTIVE".

1.  Click on SYSTEM PREFERENCES (Gear icon)
2.  Then click on Sound (A speaker icon)
3.  Next, you will see these tabs across the top of the window that opens (SOUND EFFECTS/OUTPUT/INPUT)
4.  Please select the OUTPUT TAB
5.  Take a look at the window and select the device you desire to utilize.  This could be a device plugged into a 3.5mm jack, or a USB set of external speakers, etc...
6.  If you're connecting BLUETOOTH Speakers please look at the 2nd image below.  The 1st image is for the built-in speakers, OR wired speakers connected via the 3.5mm port on the Macbook OR a USB port on the J5 docking station.

***I have found that most users have better luck connecting a 3.5mm cable DIRECTLY to the Macbook Air on the right hand side of the laptop.

1st image:  External speakers via cable connection:

2nd image:  Bluetooth connection

*here you would see any bluetooth devices to connect to (i.e. speakers that are turned on and are ready to be discovered)

*If you have any questions please submit a helpdesk ticket to and include your location in your building and provide a brief description in the body of your email so it can turn your email into a helpdesk ticket.  

Thank you
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