How to use the FG Tech Help Utility (Windows OS and macOS)

Windows OS

  1. Click on the Start Menu in the lower left corner of the screen

  2. From the start menu you can find the FG Tech Help tool in the list of Applications on the left side OR click on the TILE for the application on the right

  3. You will see an app window quickly flash on the screen and then disappear. Wait a few moments as the information is gathered from the system (it will seem as though nothing is happening, but due to it being run silently it is all happening in the background).

  4. A new window should populate with the pertinent  system information (example pop up below)

  5. Clicking on OK, Cancel, or the X in the top right corner will all do the same thing and will close the window.


  1. Click on the button/words for FG Tech Help in the top menu bar of the screen

  2. If you get the "Title Error" issue, please click on the Reload button at the bottom to reload the tool. After clicking reload, click on the menu button once more and the data should show. 

  3. The information for the system should populate with all pertinent data needed for support

  4. Clicking outside of the toolbar menu, will close the toolbar menu
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