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Vivi for iPad Users*

Vivi Instructions for iPad Users

1. Download the Vivi application from the Self Service app if it is not already installed on your iPad. 

a. Open ‘Self Service’

b. Search for ‘Vivi’
c. Click on Install
d. Wait for the installation to complete before moving to Step 2. 

2. Open the Vivi application
a. Find the Vivi app on your home screen
b. Tap the Vivi app to open

3. Find Your Organization
a. Enter your FGSD email address
b. Leave ‘Organization Code’ blank
c. Click ‘Find My Organization’
d. Click ‘Forest Grove School District’
e. Click ‘Log In’

4. Log In with your FGSD Google account
a. Use your FGSD Google account address (
b. Use your regular FGSD Google account password
c. Follow the on screen 2-Step Verification instructions to verify your identity.

5. Locate the Vivi Device within the Vivi application
a. Search under the ‘Rooms’ column for the building you are in. (ex. District Office)
b. Click on the building location to see available Vivi’s onsite.
c. Click on the Vivi you wish to share your screen to. (ex. DO-VIVI-GROVE)
d. Click ‘Join Room’.

6. Enter the ‘Room Code’
a. Locate the 4-digit Room Code on the lower left hand corner of the TV or Projection Screen (ex. 2345)
b. Enter the Room Code into the Vivi App
c. Click ‘Submit’

7. Sharing your screen from the Vivi Dashboard
a. Click ‘Share Screen’
b. Open the Screen Mirroring Menu
c. From the dropdown, select the Vivi you want to cast to. (ex. ‘DO-VIVI-GROVE)
8. End casting
a. Click on the red ‘Stop’ button to stop casting your screen to the Vivi.

Creation date: 1/13/2023 4:08 PM      Updated: 12/20/2023 2:08 PM