How to connect to the Infinite Visions Employee Access Portal

To connect into the Infinite Visions (IV) Employee Access Portal, please visit:

It'll first ask you to sign in using your email credentials. Enter your full district email address in the Username field and click on Next.:

This will bring up the Microsoft Azure SSO login prompt. Enter your password (the same one you use for your district email) and click on Sign in.:

Confirm your login with your 2 factor authentication method (it's typically via a call, a text message, a notification on your phone or a yubikey hardware device).

If you see this screen:

You can choose if you wish for the system to remember you and keep you signed in to this site but because it involves financial information, it may ask you log in more often.

If this is the first time connecting to the Employee Access portal, you'll see this registration screen next:

Fill in all of the data (district email address, last 4 of your SSN, your birthdate and your home zip) then press Submit. This will link your email account with the new Infinite Visions system.

You will now be at your Infinite Visions dashboard.

For more information on the Employee Access dashboard, please see this document:
Creation date: 1/23/2023 12:03 PM      Updated: 1/23/2023 2:16 PM
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