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Microsoft Sign out and Sign back in on MacBook*

Microsoft Word is used as the example here, but you can use Word, Powerpoint, or Excel for this process.
NOTE: You will need your cell phone for the two factor authentication

1. Please confirm that Word is fully shut down by following these steps.

     A. In your dock, look to see if you have the Microsoft Word icon there (you can do this with any Microsoft Office app such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel). If you do, look and see if there is a dot underneath it. A dot underneath an icon indications that the program is open. We want to make sure to close that. 

     B. If the dot is there, right click on the icon and click "Quit." (If you don't have an external mouse, click on the trackpad with two fingers at the same time to activate "right click" mode.)

2. Once it is fully shut down, click on Microsoft Word to open it. If Word is not in your dock, open Finder, click on Applications on the left side, and location Microsoft Word in there.

3. You should get the initial startup page. When you are there, locate your name in the upper left corner. Click that and select "Sign Out" in the menu that opens.

4. When you see this pop up, click Sign out.

5. Click that same icon where your name was to sign back in. A window will pop up asking for your PASSWORD. Type in your password that and click the blue "Sign in" button. NOTE: If you recently changed your district password, type in the new one.

6. A window will come up needing you to confirm the number that pops up using the Authenticator app on your phone. 

7. Once you confirm the number, it will sign you in and you should be good to go!

NOTE: If you have additional Office applications open, you will need to fully quit out of them and reopen them for this to take affect. You will NOT need to do this process for each program. The just need to be shutdown and restarted.
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