State Testing on a Chromebook

Do NOT log in to your Chromebook. If you are logged in, please log out completely.

On your login screen, if you look to the bar on the bottom, you'll see the Apps section. This contains all of the state testing apps used within the district:

Once in the app, follow the prompts as guided (typically it'll ask which state you're in, etc). Please get more details from your testing administrator.

To log out of the app, you just turn off the device.

What to do when Oregon's testing browser does not come up:
If the student selected the wrong state when logging into the Secure Test Browser, have the student click on the four square symbol in the lower right hand corner to return to the Secure Testing Launchpad. Once the student has returned to the launchpad they can select 'Oregon' for the state and continue to Oregon's Secure Testing environment. 

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