Single-page printing from Mac to Konica Minolta copy machine*

  1. Open the print dialog box by doing one of two options:
    -Press option+command+p (only if you are printing from your Chrome browser)
    -Go to File and select Print.
  2. If you are printing from Chrome, select the option down below that says “Print using system dialog.”
  3. At the top of the dialog box check that you have the correct printer selected.
  4. A.) If printing from Chrome, click the drop down menu in the middle of the dialog box that says “Layout” so that a drop down menu appears.
    B.) If printing from Word, click the drop down menu that says “Copies & Pages.”
  5. Select “Layout/Finish.” 
  6. In the box that shows up below the drop down menu, change “Print type” from 2-sided to 1-sided.
  7. Click Print.

To save these settings:
1. Follow the above instructions through step 6.
2. At the top of the print window, click the drop down menu at Presets.
3. Select Save Current Settings as Presets.

4. Give it a recognizable name and make sure "Only this Printer" is selected click OK.

5. Click Print.
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