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Cloud Audio Recorder Google Workspace App*

Cloud Audio Recorder Google Workspace App

To install the Cloud Audio Recorder, Navigate to

1. Click 'New'

2. Click 'More'

3. Click 'Connect More Apps':

4. Use the Google Workspace App Search Bar to search for 'Audio Cloud Recorder':

5. Click On the Cloud Audio Recorder by 'imclient':

6. Click on 'Install':

Once the Google Workspace App has been installed, follow these instructions to open the application:

Navigate to

1. Click on the Google Apps Symbol (Looks like a waffle) 

2. Scroll down to view more apps

3. Choose Cloud Audio Recorder.

Once the Cloud Audio Recorder has been opened, follow the below instructions to use the Cloud Audio Recorder.

1. Click 'Start' to begin recording (If this is your first time using the Cloud Audio Recorder, a pop-up will ask permission to use the microphone, Click Allow).

2. Choose 'Stop' when the Recording in done, Choose 'Pause' to pause recording with the intention of continuing. If paused, click 'Resume' to continue.

3. Click 'Export as MP3 (Real-time)

4. Choose 'Save to Google Drive

5. Choose Save to Google Drive

6. Click 'Close' once the file has been saved to Google Drive.

Return to your Google Drive to listen and share your recordings. 

Creation date: 10/13/2023 10:03 AM      Updated: 11/30/2023 12:26 PM