Pearson Successnet Sound Fix

  • Close all open Internet browser windows
  • Open Adobe Reader from the Start Menu
  • Select Edit > Preferences
  • Select “Multimedia Trust (Legacy)” from the menu on the left
  • Make sure “Allow multimedia operations” is checked
  • Make sure all the “Allow…” options below the white box are checked
  • Make sure all the “Permission for…” options inside the white box end with “...Always”. If the options do not end in “...Always”, then follow these steps:
    • Select the first “Permission…” item in the box so that it is highlighted
    • Click on the dropdown box and select “Always”
    • Repeat steps for all items in the white box until they all end in “...Always”
  • Select “Security (Enhanced)” in the menu on the left
  • Remove the checkmark from “Enable Protected Mode at Startup”
  • Remove the checkmark from “Enable Enhanced Security”
  • Click the “OK” button in the lower right
  • Close Adobe Reader

  • **Open Pearson Successnet and try to play the audio in a story. If the audio still does not play, then open Adobe Reader and confirm that the settings did not revert back to the previous state. If the settings did change, then change them back following the instructions listed above.**
    Creation date: 1/4/2017 1:43 PM      Updated: 1/4/2017 1:43 PM