Chromebook troubleshooting with shortcut keys

Here are the shortcut key fixes to our most commonly seen problems in Chromebook use, including issues in SBAC/OAKS:

Enlarged Screen:
This resets the zoom.

Tiny screen in corner:
This resets the zoom.

Rotate Screen:
Ctrl + Shift +

If the shortcut keys do not solve the rotation problem, you should be able to solve it by going into the Chrome OS settings and changing it:

1. Sign into the Chromebook as yourself or under the student’s account.
2. Once in, click on the three vertical dots on the far right of the browser window next to the address bar and extensions.
3. In the menus that pops up select settings.
4. In the settings’ search bar, type Display.
5. Click the display option when that pops up and you should see the orientation or angle option.
6. Change orientation to standard.
7. Sign out of the account.

Spoken feedback (orange boxes):
A. ctrl+alt+z (This enables AND disables this feature.)
B. (For SBAC/OAKS) To turn off Spoken Feedback, you must be on the initial login page.

High contrast mode (Background is dark instead of light):
The search button is the magnifying glass button above shift.

Reset display resolution:
1. Log into Chromebook
2. In the browser, click the three vertical dots at the top right of the browser window and select Settings in the drop down menu.
3. Under the Device section, click Display settings.
4. Where it says Resolution, click the dropdown menu and select the option that has "(Best)" next to it.
5. Click Done.

Sound not running through headphones:
1. Make sure headphones are plugged in.
2. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click once in the box where the time is.
3. In the menu that pops up, locate the volume option and click the arrow to the right of it.
4. Under Output, select Headphones.
5. Click outside of the open menu to close it and it should work from here on out.

If these options don't solve your problem, please contact the help desk.
Creation date: 5/26/2017 9:02 AM      Updated: 3/19/2018 10:37 AM