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Requests to Add People to District Email Groups

Occasionally we get requests to add certain people to various email groups (for example, someone would like to send a "bell schedule" to a group, but a specific group (High School-Licensed) doesn't include a few people at other schools that should be receiving this email as well).

It's not advisable to do this... the groups as they are set make sense (the high school lists are for high school staff, the oak grove lists are for oak grove staff). If we add people arbitrarily or do a lot of crossover, then these focused lists really become meaningless.

Also, people can't be added to groups directly (they're synced from AD).

The solution:

Whoever is sending the email should create an email group. In that group they can put the various groups and teachers that would need to receive that email. These emails are typically function specific (not necessarily location specific), so they'll want to create their group with an appropriate function specific name. In the example above, they could call the group "High School - Bell Schedule".

If this is an email group that various people will send to, the IT department can create the group and it'll be in the email directory for all to use.
Creation date: 6/9/2017 1:20 PM      Updated: 1/6/2023 11:11 AM