Vivi Setup for Windows/Mac*

Vivi Setup for Mac/Windows

  • Download/Install Vivi application from SoftwareCenter(Win) or Self Service(Mac) if it is not already installed

  • Open the ViVi app
  • Select "Forest Gove School District"
    • If it does not automatically find your organization then enter your full email and select “Find Organization”, do not fill out “organization code”
    • Select “Forest Grove School District”
  • Select “Login” and sign in using Google 2-step verification
  • Select the school and the classroom device “<BuildingCode>-Vivi-####”
  • Select “Join room”

As a backup you can use the Vivi Web App that does not require a local app installation. The site can be found through the Staff Helpful Links (Vivi Web App) or by going to the following website:

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