How to Print Clever Badges*

This document will walk you through the process of getting to Clever and printing your student badges.
  1. Go to the clever portal link:

  2. Sign in using your District google account

  3. Once in the portal, Click on the Class menu at the top

  4. Click on the Class 'button' (anywhere in that area)

  5. Here you can choose to download the entire class set of badges OR an individual students' badge.

  • Download your entire classes badges:
    • Click on the 'Download Class Set of Badges' button at the top

The Badges will all download as one PDF file which you can print and then cut out the individual badges.

  • Download an individual students' badge: 
    • Select a student on the left column

Then select the option to 'Download Badge' for that student

A single badge will download (as a PDF file) which you can then print out.
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