Windows Password Reset*


Please follow these steps to reset your password on your Windows computer. This will also reset your FGSD Google password at the same time. If you have any questions during this process please reach out to the technology department ( or 503-359-2415 or x4529).
  • IMPORTANT: You can only follow this process while you and your computer are in an FGSD building.


  1. Login to the Windows PC (ex. Dell Laptop or Desktop) with your District Account

  2. Press the CTRL, ALT, and DEL key on the keyboard

  3. In the new overlay prompt window press the Change a Password button

  4. (Using the red numbering in the image below) In the first field put in the existing/old password. In the second field put in the new password. In the third field put in the new password again, as a way to confirm/verify the password. Once complete press the right pointing arrow button next to field three. (Password requirements: at least 12 characters, one number, and one special character or capital letter. Cannot be a recent password or contain part of your name)

  5. Your password is now changed. The next time you login you will use the new password you just set to log in to the computer.

Additional Notes: 

After your password has been changed, you will be required to use the new password to access your FGSD Google account. Your browser and/or apps you use to access your FGSD Google account will prompt you to enter the new password, and in some cases require you to re-add the account to the app or browser.


If you have any questions during this process please reach out to the technology department ( or 503-359-2415 or x4529).
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