Sending Emails to ALL Groups

In order to reduce email spamming a Gmail compliance rule affects the ability to reply to the 'All-' groups (ie: "All-District Office", etc.).

You can initiate emails to those groups as you would normally. It's when you reply to or forward to an 'All' group that the system blocks the messages from going through.

You'll know this has happened because if you "reply-to-all" or "forward-to"l an email containing an 'All' group, you'll get an email back within a few minutes letting you know that your message was quarantined.

In this situation, should you need to reply to that email thread, you can do ONE of the following:
  1. You can reply to the author of the original message only (rather than reply-to-all)
  2. You can create a new email with your response and send it to those same recipients (it can have the same subject line, it just can't include the RE: or FWD: part) and that'll go through.
  3. You can initiate a normal reply-to-all or forward, then go to the top left of where you write your message, click on the double arrow and then select the Edit Subject option. Now REMOVE the RE: or FWD: part in that field and send your response through:
Please call the helpdesk (ext 4529) if you have any issues or questions, and we'd be happy to further assist.

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Creation date: 10/25/2023 5:31 PM      Updated: 10/26/2023 6:54 AM